South Lake Tahoe Pet Friendly Lodging

South Lake Tahoe Pet Friendly Lodging

South Lake Tahoe Pet Friendly Lodging
Petee Pup! Resident K9 Manager at Holly’s Place

When it comes to planning your South Lake Tahoe vacation, there is no reason to leave your best friend behind. South Lake Tahoe offers several pet friendly lodging options for you and your four-legged companion. One pet friendly lodging option that sticks out the most is a place called Holly’s Place Dog Friendly Lodge.

Located in the center of South Lake Tahoe (literary), sits a resort that is not only hidden from the public eye, it is tranquil and quiet. So quiet, any person would have a hard time believing that they are located in the center of town!

So, what makes Holly’s Place an excellent choice for pet friendly lodging? Simple; Holly’s Place caters to travelers who would like to bring their dogs on vacation with them. Any K9 staying at Holly’s Place can find plenty of things to do, unlike other pet friendly lodges that require guests to kennel their dogs, or require their dogs to be leashed when on property. Not at Holly’s Place!


South Lake Tahoe Pet Friendly LodgingAdded Bonuses at Holly’s Place; South Lake Tahoe Pet Friendly Lodging

Not all lodging locations in South Lake Tahoe are going to provide what Holly’s Place can. The reason, Holly’s Place is completely enclosed by a rather large log round fence that circles the entire property, along with two gates, in the front and back, that are always closed.

  • Free Range! Dogs are allowed to roam free when at Holly’s Place and they are encouraged to make friends with other dogs that may be staying at the property. Of course, if your pup is shy or a little timid around other dogs, you’re welcome to use the gate that is located by every cabin entrance to enclose your pup on your private patio.
  • Plenty to Do! Take a stroll over to the old western wagon and you will find several dog toys that include tennis balls, frisbee’s, ropes, kongs, and more! It’s a good chance that your pup will find these toys before you do! In addition to the toys, be sure to stop by the office as Holly stocks enough healthy treats to cover any dogs appetite. Don’t be surprised if you see Holly teaching your dog to sit or stay before receiving any treat.
  • Summer Time Fun: During the summer months, dogs will enjoy the sprinklers being on and when water conditions allow (non-drought years) Holly fills the dog pond for the pups.
  • Winter Time Fun: All it takes is a little snow, and the dogs are in heaven! We will let your imagination run wild with this one. I for one have never seen so many dogs with their new friends doing wind sprints through the beautiful snow.
  • Location, Location, Location: Holly’s is right down the street from South Lake Tahoe’s Dog Friendly beach, Lakeview  Commons. An easy walk for dog and owner to make. Additionally, guests of Holly’s Place will find that the resort is also close to several pet friendly dining options.
  • Mom and Dad Time: Thinking of taking time out for a romantic dinner or evening stroll with just the two of you? Holly’s Place has this covered by offering their guests pet sitting services. All you have to do is let anyone in the office know and they will be happy to watch your pup for you. You’ll have the choice of letting your dog run around, leaving your dog on your patio or in the cabin. The staff at Holly’s Place will keep a close eye on your pup while you enjoy some mom and dad time away.

South Lake Tahoe Pet Friendly LodgingSouth Lake Tahoe Pet Friendly Lodging Rates and Dog Fees

So, now that you’ve stumbled upon South Lake Tahoe’s #1 Dog Friendly lodge you have to be thinking that this place must be expensive! Well, Holly’s Place keeps not only dog rates as low as possible, but they also keep the daily cabin rates pretty low as well.

Holly’s Place; South Lake Tahoe Pet Friendly Lodging, offers 3 studio cabins that go by the names of; The Bears Den, The Wolfs Den, and the Purple Dog. Stand alone cabins include the Tisher Studio and the 2 bedroom Tall Pines Cabin. Rates for the Bears Den and Wolves Den can range from $99.95 mid wk to $179.95 peak season. Holidays offer different pricing that you can find out by calling (530) 544-7040.

Purple Dog and Tisher Studio rates are $199.95 per night during normal seasons, excluding Holiday rates. The Tall Pines (two bedroom house) is around $349.95 per night, depending on the seasons. If cabins are not your style, Holly’s; South Lake Tahoe Pet Friendly Lodging does offer two RV spots that give any RV enthusiasts plenty off room to setup the perfect spot for their vacation.

Dog Fees at Holly’s Place; South Lake Tahoe Pet Friendly Lodging are a budget saving $15.00 per night and dog sitting is set at $10 an hour.

South Lake Tahoe Pet Friendly LodgingCheers from Holly’s Place; South Lake Tahoe Pet Friendly Lodging

So we’ve covered a lot for the dogs, trust us, there is a lot more we could cover for this South Lake Tahoe Pet Friendly Lodging location, but it’s time to move on to you! Besides getting the best year round R&R you’ve ever had! Holly’s Place brings a sense of the old TV show Cheers! You know the one, where everyone knows your name! It’s not uncommon for guests to make new friends around the fire pits at Holly’s Place. In addition to the fire pits, Holly’s Place offers a large community lodge right on the property boasting a full kitchen, large screen TV, fire place, karaoke machine, couches, books, and games.

Through out the property, guests will find gas grills and charcoal grills to assist you in creating the ultimate bar-b-que experience, ping pong, boccie, corn hole, and our favorite…the hammock!

In the end; You’ll be sure to have one of the best South Lake Tahoe vacations you’ve had when choosing Holly’s Place South Lake Tahoe Pet Friendly Lodging.

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    February 3, 2016 at 10:23 am

    Holly’s Place is now on my summer bucket list! 🙂

    November 23, 2015 at 10:00 am

    Very nice! It’s always great to have a list of Dog Friendly locations in Tahoe.

    November 14, 2015 at 9:11 am

    We’ve stayed at Inn by the Lake, Americana, and Alder Inn in the past with our dog. The closest to freedom for our dog was Americana’s dog run, which is nothing compared to letting our dog explore the grounds. We will look into this place for our next trip. Thank you for sharing.

    November 13, 2015 at 6:12 pm

    OMG! The resident K9 manager is enough alone to visit this place! Thank you for the information, I did not know we had a slice of paradise in the middle of town! Definitely going to pass this along.

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