Best Lake Tahoe Hotels Disclosure Policy

Best Lake Tahoe Hotels Disclosure Policy

Advertising and Sponsorship

Best Lake Tahoe Hotels receives payment from advertisers and sponsorships. You will find these advertisers and sponsors throughout our website ( Some sponsors or advertisers pay Best Lake Tahoe Hotels on a monthly basis while others pay us by commissions when you purchase something from their website. Below you will find a break down of our full disclosure policy for Best Lake Tahoe Hotels.

Hotel Listings and Featured Listings

  1. Any Featured Hotel Listing on Best Lake Tahoe Hotels was featured because that property paid to have their listing as “featured.” Best Lake Tahoe Hotels is paid a yearly membership for businesses wishing to be featured on our website.
  2. Free Listings – Best Lake Tahoe Hotels also offers free listings on our website. These listings are free and Best Lake Tahoe Hotels receives no payment for free listings. Users will know the listing is free because the listing will only have the hotels name and one photo

Advertisers on Right Side of Best Lake Tahoe Hotels

  1. On the right side of Best Lake Tahoe Hotels, users will see advertisers banners. These banners will be marked as “Advertisements.” We are a paid a small commission from these advertisers if you click on the links and purchase something. These links include, South Lake Tahoe Events, to name a few.
  2. Google Adwords. Best Lake Tahoe Hotels participates in Google Adwords. We receive commissions when these ads are clicked on. Most commissions are that of $0.01 to $0.05 per click. You can opt out of  or learn more about this adword network on our privacy policy page.

Guest Blog on Best Lake Tahoe Hotels

  1. At times we will place guest blogs on the Best Lake Tahoe Hotels blog. These blogs will clearly be labeled under our “Guest Blogger” category. All links in the “Guest Blog” are links that we will receive a commission on if you click on them or purchase a service from them. These blogs will also clearly be labeled with a full disclosure at the end of the blog.

Hotel Bookings

  1. As mentioned in our privacy policy. Best Lake Tahoe Hotels receives a commission from should you book a hotel using any of our hotel search tools. These small commissions help us maintain our website, hosting, design work and advertising, they do not affect the price of your hotel booking.